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The Subaru Pleo is a kei car from Subaru.

Subaru Pleo

The Pleo is taller than conventional kei car hatchbacks, but shorter than the definitive microvan, the Suzuki Wagon R, and is available with a variety of 658 cc I4 engines: SOHC, DOHC, and supercharged in two different trim levels.

The Pleo was launched in 1998, and has since undergone four upgrades, one in 2000, another in 2001, another in 2002, and another in 2010.

First generation – RA1/RA2/RV1/RV2 (1998-2009)

The first-generation Pleo first went on sale in Japan on October 9, 1998, replacing the Vivio, when Japanese regulations dictated a size change in the kei car tax bracket, and every kei car model from every make was redesigned as a result.

In June 1999, Subaru launched a luxurious edition of the Pleo, called the Nesta. In October, a sporty edition was launched, called the LS. In December, an Le edition was launched.

In May 2000, Subaru launched a G Edition of the Pleo Nesta. In October, the first face-lifted edition was launched. In December, a retro-styled edition called the Niccoto was launched.

In May 2001, a more upgraded sporty version of the Pleo was launched, called the RS. This model is sometimes called the RM. In October, a second face-lifted edition was launched.



In January 2002, the L Plus Package and F Special editions were both launched. In May, three four-wheel drive editions, the RS Limited II, the LS Limited and the F Limited, were launched to commemorate Subaru 4WD's fortieth anniversary. In October, a third face-lifted edition was launched.

In May 2003, four editions of the Pleo, the FS Limited, the FS Special, the L Special and the Nesta GS Special, were launched. In June, the RS Limited and LS Limited were both face-lifted. Meanwhile, a new edition of the Pleo, the L Special Color Selection, was launched. The R2, was introduced on December 8. After 2003, the Pleo was sold alongside the R2.

In June 2007, the F model was discontinued. The discontinuation left the Van A model as the only trim level.

In December 2009, the Pleo was discontinued.

Second generation - L275F/L285F/L275B/L285B (2010-)

The second-generation Pleo first went on sale in Japan on April 20, 2010. Due to Subaru's corporate investment by Toyota, this second generation is manufactured by Daihatsu instead of Subaru, and is a rebadged Daihatsu Mira.

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